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It's Caci's 25th Birthday!

Caci Auckland CBD High St

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Welcome to Caci Auckland CBD: High St

At Caci we specialise in results driven treatments and skin care, laser hair removal, appearance medicine, fat reduction and all your day to day beauty therapy needs. All of this brought to you with soothing sounds and a team of dedicated, friendly professionals.


Take a look inside at Caci High St


"Amazing! The moment my session is over, i'm starting the countdown to my next session. So relaxing, informative, and just special. Helen is adorable and always gives me such a fabulous treatment. I would honestly recommend Caci High St to anyone!" Ara

"Ahhhmazing! The Caci High St team are amazing! From the first consult to the ongoing care - Caci has eased any and all worries. They have made me feel at home. My skin has cleared hugely! It's softer - it can regulate it's own oils now and stays hydrated throughout the day! I can't thanks the amazing High St team enough!" Kelly

"Just had my second facial and I feel AMAZING. Thank you so much Caci for looking after my skin!" Poi

"I would like to just say how great Helen was during my first treatment. She was very thorough on explaining things to me and what we are going to do for future treatments etc. Also, since I absolutely hate anything that has to do with pain and she could probably see the apprehension on my face when she mentioned dermabrasion, she quickly put me at ease and reassured me that since it is my first one that she would be gentle - and she absolutely was!

She also took her time applying the products on my face plus I appreciated that she named each and every product she applied on me (the ingredients etc). Really good service and was very good in making sure I was comfortable the whole time. Looking forward to my future treatments!" Rochelle

"At 33 I thought I was destined for a life of dehydrated skin - I take care of my skin and follow a skincare regime, but after years at the beach and NZ's harsh sunshine, plus office air conditioning everyday I had resigned myself to the fact that my face would never look as plump and fresh as it used to. Hearing about Caci's skincare programme; Reformaskin actually gave me hope! I was amazed at the wealth of knowledge the team had and the number of different treatments available.

I liked the idea of a plan so that my skincare can be managed on a cycle and so I know I'm working on a staged approach to improve my skin, rather then having ad hoc facials here and there and hoping for the best! Attending the evening was fun and informative, the Caci team gave me the information to make the best choices for my skin, without feeling like I was being overly 'sold' to - Thanks for a great evening!"

"I've always been a little sceptical of Microdermabrasion facials - my girlfriends rave about them - but the idea of them had always put me off.  Last week I went for my first treatment and was amazed at how un-daunting the actual process is! Facials at Caci High St are always so relaxing, and the microdermabrasion facial was actually really similar - with no pain at all! My skin was slightly red and glowing for an hour afterwards but then was completely fine.

My results have been amazing! My skin is a lot clearer and luminous and I am finding my makeup goes on a lot easier and smoother too. I have also had a few comments from friends and family that my skin looks great. Yippeeee! As it was a new treatment for me I asked a lot of questions! The team were so lovely, and I never felt stupid to ask for more information, they made it so easy. I would highly recommend booking in for a microdermabrasion if you have been thinking about it!" Therese 

"I absolutely love everything about Caci High Street!! The treatments, the friendly well informed therapists, welcoming reception and of course, the Murad products. I have been a client at High Street for about five years and have had numerous treatments. Elleca is a great offering and I just keep coming back for more. Caring, gentle, warm and loving, I have never met a more connected team who really make me feel like I'm part of the Caci 'family'." Penny

"I wanted to thank you for all your services through the year. Every facial and every treatment has always made me feel welcome and happy, contributing so much to my entire well-being." Carmen

Clinic Address

Caci Auckland CBD, Auckland 43 High Street Auckland CBD Auckland

Opening hours

Monday 9.30am - 5.30pm
Tuesday 9.30am - 7pm
Wednesday 9.30am - 7pm
Thursday 9.30am - 7pm
Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday 9.30am - 4pm

The Team

Monique - Clinic Manager

Monique has been with Caci since 2014 having begun her journey at the Caci Milford clinic as a Senior Therapist. Monique then went on to become the Treatment Coordinator of Caci Milford in 2015.

Monique has been the manager at Caci High St since November 2017. She is a strong believer that the products and treatments Caci has to offer bring great benefits to the customers health and well-being.

Monique also has a great knowledge on the complete range of treatments and products that Caci has to offer. She is focused on customer satisfaction and believes that having a great culture within the clinic is very important to result in having happy customer's walking out the door.


Rebecca - Senior Beauty Therapist

Helen - Senior Beauty Therapist

Helen is our full-time Senior Beauty Therapist at Caci High St who came to us from the UK. Qualified in BTEC Beauty Therapy Sciences, Helen has over 8 years of beauty experience, with her last four years working as an Advanced Skin Practitioner in a private Dermatology clinic in the UK. 

Helen is passionate about all things skincare, she loves seeing the confidence she can bring to her customers through the power of good skin. 

Helen can assist you with Caci Beauty services, Microdermabrasion, Peels, Light Therapies, Sonophoresis, Laser Hair removal, Photo Rejuvenation and ChillSculpt.